Announcing the Merger of Tech Forge LLC and Novel Creative Agency

Today, the teams behind Tech Forge and Novel Creative, are pleased to announce the merger of these two complementary entities at the start of the new year. As part of the new entity,
Novel will continue to offer services based in the agency’s core competency, high-quality content development for brands, websites, social media, editorial management, and article generation.

Given the breadth of services offered through Tech Forge, the combined businesses will now offer IT/network infrastructure management (MSP), web development and design, bespoke PC/Server builds,
Networking, and Data Analytics utilizing Power BI, for companies spanning a wide variety of verticals.

A Collaborative Effort That’s Been Years in the Making

In many ways, this development is more formal than substantive, given the now fifteen-year relationship between principals Luke Dollard and Matty Byloos. The two have worked together
on projects both large and boutique in nature for brands that include Amazon Web Services, AMD, Microsoft, Dell, Intel,, 3rd i Digital, and dozens of others.

Noting the importance of this long-standing working relationship, Dollard said, “the new merger offers customers an opportunity not often seen in digital agencies—working with a one-stop-shop
to gather and implement collective expertise for the benefit of our customers.”

Built on a Foundation of Friendship and Mutual Respect for Hard Work

Both agencies have developed independently of each other, sharing multiple clients along the way. Their shared philosophical approach has long united the two principals and their respective agencies
when collaborating on projects together. “I think Luke and I are scrappy, get-it-done no matter what kind of guys,” Byloos remarked. “One big differentiator for us is the attitude and the approach we take with
our work. When there’s something our clients need, we’ll step in and figure out how to get it done, bringing in additional expertise when required.” Both partners anticipate bringing this high level of attentiveness
to future projects under the new agreement.

Get in Touch With Us Today

If you’re a brand or business that’s looking for support to tell your story better, to move into a new marketing channel, or to assess current operations with the goal of streamlining and improving your bottom line,
get in touch with our company today. We’ll look forward to hearing your perspective, and stepping in to offer our insights and skills in service of making your goals come to life.

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