10 Novel Ways to Generate Blog Content Easily

Congratulations! Your Blog Is a Baby Boy!

Having a blog is like having a baby – you have to watch over it, feed it, and monitor its needs. Feeding your blog baby means generating interesting and relevant content fairly frequently, which can be downright exhausting.

Of course, you could hire a babysitter, or you could try any one of these ten ways to generate your blog content easily. And you won’t have to buy a baby monitor at all! Read on for some super creative ways to maximize the ease with which you get those corporate blog posts up and out into the world, representing your brand and extending your business’s message. Continue reading “10 Novel Ways to Generate Blog Content Easily”

5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Followers on a Company Google+ Page

Why Do I Need to Grow My Google+ Followers?

In this day and age, social media platforms are a must — that’s not news. Within the new marketing landscape, Google+ has become one of the more essential platforms to utilize, especially for a business. Why, you may ask? The answer is simple: because it’s a part of Google and Google is a major search engine, with near-total control over what businesses show up in the SERPs. Keeping that logic in mind, a better Business Google+ page will likely help brands to rank better in search results — at the very least, their brand page on Google+ will rank!

Since Google+ is basically still Google, the activity of your business’s page will directly affect your search results. This means that every +1, comment, share, and review will carry a lot of weight with your site’s relevancy. Even if your time on Google+ has felt a lot like yelling into a deep, empty canyon, spending some time on the platform still matters — but how much is anyone’s exact guess.

So how do you generate some healthy, productive interaction on Google Plus? Here are a few tips to creating more activity on your Google+ page. Continue reading “5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Followers on a Company Google+ Page”

Storytelling and Engagement: The 2 Pillars of Social Media Marketing

How Convincing Is Your Story?

By trade, I’m a writer.

Check that. Really, when it all comes down to it, I’m a novelist.

I labor away, slaving over the keyboard every day that I possibly can, trying to create music out of language. That’s the art of it. Storytelling, the broader brushstrokes that comprise a narrative arc, well, that’s another story. But you’d have to think — if I can just make every single sentence sing the way I want it too, then the larger project will also sing, won’t it? Not necessarily.

Whatever form I’m trying to shape my words into, and what’s at stake underneath all the effort, is always this simple: I am trying to convince you of something. In my novel, maybe I want you to cry. Or I want you to laugh. In one paragraph or on a single page, maybe I want to teach you something that I think is important, some truth that I’ve been lucky enough to learn.

In the real world and through this marketing agency, we also spend a lot of time and effort, crafting messages for clients. And what’s always at stake? The exact same thing.

We are trying to help those businesses convince their audience of something specific. Continue reading “Storytelling and Engagement: The 2 Pillars of Social Media Marketing”

4 Rules to Consider When Building Out Your Social Media Presence

We Live in the Age of Social… for Now

For businesses that are brand new, getting established online can be a daunting experience. And it doesn’t get that much easier for older businesses that are only just beginning to engage with an audience online. And last, if you’ve had an active presence but you don’t quite know how to take your brand to the next level, yet again, social media looks a lot like a puzzle that’s really tough to figure out.

But it isn’t. After all, the real world analogues are there to be learned from, and well worth paying attention to.

For example, if there are several different types of places where a person can socialize and be seen — let’s say, restaurants, places of worship, bars, local organizations like Rotary Club, fraternal organizations like the Elks, charity fundraisers, gyms and fitness centers, on and on — you’d be hard pressed to have a presence in every single one of those places. Good luck having a successful relationship or even a job, given how many different directions you’d be getting pulled in all at once.

And social media? It’s really no different. Read on for a few clues as to how to build out your brand’s social media presence. Continue reading “4 Rules to Consider When Building Out Your Social Media Presence”

The Fundamentals of Keyword Research Part 3

Understanding Keywords in Context

When you’ve learned what you need to know about keyword optimization, and you have a pretty solid grasp of how to navigate keyword research tools, you’re ready to take a look at how the keywords actually impact the search engine’s “reading” of a blog or an article on your site. To start, let’s take a look at how you actually use those high-value keyword phrases within the body of an article.

The context in which you place your keywords is also very important, because using a keyword phrase in various contexts will enable it to be more widely searchable, and by default, more clickable. By presenting the keywords in various contexts, you promote your company’s product honestly and respect your client’s intelligence.

When you create content for your site, use variations of your main keyword phrases, as well as synonyms in order to vary your SEO-based content. Make sure the keyword is always relevant to the information within which it is presented. Continue reading “The Fundamentals of Keyword Research Part 3”